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Unify is a new social network site dedicated to close connections between you and your coursemates at university. All you need to sign up is an email address, a password and your University course. After that, you're ready to go.
Here are some of the great features of unify:

  • Connect with friends that are right in front of you
    • You can only add friends that you are sitting next to.
    • This means you form a very small set of connections, giving unify a more friendly feel.
    • No more posts that you don't want to see from people you haven't even met.
  • Find people at your cohort, course or university
    • Search for your coursemates to connect with them.
  • Make posts to your friends or your cohort
    • Ask friends if they want to meet on campus.
    • Ask coursemates questions about your course.
  • Create customised groups of people to communicate about group coursework
    • What's the next deliverable? Maybe post a question on your group.
    • Carry out anonymous voting for making decisions democratically.


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